Monday, April 27, 2015


I'll admit that I'm not one who is up to date on news or current events. I truly despise watching the news because most of the times when I do watch they're either gushing about "breaking news coverage' that they have on some celebrity (which to me isn't news at all) or it's stories that break my heart about how corrupt and cruel people are. 

BUT...this morning I was reading about heart is broken and it aches for that country. So devastating....truly there are no words. I sat here I take so many things for granted. I mean, here I sit, sipping coffee while I scroll through Facebook on my computer, in a decent sized three bedroom home, with a refrigerator full of food, two out of three of my three kids are safe at school getting a wonderful education and my youngest is eating "Monkey Charms". All while a nation is mourning a loss of over 3,000 lives. To me that number is unimaginable! I just cannot wrap my head around that. I also heard on the radio today that they are saying the whole country is going to be basically shut down for six months because the roads are impassable. SIX MONTHS. That means that there are probably thousands of people injured and in need of help who may or may not be able to be reached because they live in an area where the road has slid off the side of a cliff.

I sit here and wonder, "What can I do? How can we help from so far away?" I know first and most importantly I can pray. Pray for the help that is being sent gets to those who need it quickly. Pray that those who are collecting funds are doing it for the right reasons and use those funds to help those in need. Pray for those who are there helping this hurting country that they are safe while they are there. Pray for peace for those who have lost so much. Pray for those hurting, not only physically but emotionally. Just pray. 

I also came across this post by CNN on How to help the victims of the Nepal earthquake if you are looking for some place to donate funds: 

I hope today that we can all be humbled a bit and remember those who are hurting...not just those in Nepal but all over the world. That we can take a moment to not gripe or moan about how slow our phone is or how our coffee is cold but count our blessings and remember how blessed we truly are. 

~Ashley xo