Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Quiet Moments

Today was a snowy day and Monkey wasn't feeling 100% so we pulled out the watercolors. It was nice to sit in the quiet with him and just create. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Finding my zen...

As you can tell by my lack of blogging things have been a little bit crazy the past 8 or so months. Starting a business will do that I guess. Winter is here now though and that means it's the sloooow season for photography. While I am trying to spend a lot of time researching, working on marketing and learning during these off months I also made a promise to myself to start doing more of the other things I love. Being creative in any way is a wonderful outlet and helps me find my zen.

My first project of 2015 was a fun one and was inspired by a new friend! Jacquie over at The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood is a crafting/art/sewing/cooking/mommy hero! Seriously!! I'm so glad we met this past year and I am really looking forward to spending more time with her! She has totally motivated me to be more creative. I see her posts and it just gets my creative juices flowing and soon I find myself huddled over my stash of fabric and craft supplies. 

After messaging Jacquie and asking a million questions and being encouraged that I could quilt I picked a few fabrics out and got started...

I wish I would have taken some pictures of the process (there might be some on my phone) but here are the finished pillow cases...

Now I'm officially hooked and am considering branching out of the simple square patchwork and trying something a little more difficult. I stopped by a local quilt shop today and picked up some more gorgeous fabrics for my next project. Who knows, maybe I'll be brave and make a throw blanket for the couch...maybe. 

Also, Zimm is in love with the pillows and has begged me to make him a pillow case for his pillow so I'll be sure to share pics of that after it's finished. He picked some 'boy' fabrics so it should be an interesting project. haha

Monday, January 19, 2015

The flip side of technology....

Technology is amazing. I mean, think about all the things we have now that we didn't have 20 years ago. Tiny computers that are also our phones, hundreds of television channels and a little box that lets us pause or record live tv, that thing called the Internet that let's us instantly connect with some one who's on the other side of the world. I mean, it's all pretty freaking cool. But, like with most things, there is a flip side. A dark side. 

Have you noticed what technology has done to us? How it's changed us? How many kids do you see playing outside on a nice day? How many kids to you see walking around a mall talking and laughing? When was the last time you actually SPOKE to a good friend or family member rather than sending a text or an email. 

It's so easy to feel like we are part of some one's life because we see their updates on Facebook and know what's going on when we've actually not even talked to them in months or maybe years. Technology let's us be lazy about relationships. It allows us to look like we care without having to actually put forth the effort to keep up a relationship. Now, don't get me wrong...I don't think that's the case all the time but answer me honestly. How many people on your friends list to you actually talk to? How many of those status updates do you comment on. Do you just 'like' a post? Do you even do that? When was the last time you called someone to just chat? I'm guilty of using a text or email as an easy way to contact some one. As a mom it's hard to get on the phone but guess what...our parents did it and so did our grandparents. Why can't we?

Technology is such a sticky web. We need it...I need it. If I didn't have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter I probably wouldn't have met half of my photography clients and I certainly never would have connected with my local blogging mommas. I know if I could I'd go 'off the grid' and just live an 'old-fashioned' life where you actually call people to see how they are. Heck, even texting is ok as long as it's sincere. But alas technology is a necessary evil especially in the business world. 

Why am I writing this? I'm not sure. Maybe just to get these feelings off my chest. Maybe to remind myself and others to remember how to have a real relationship. If we truly care then we have to make an effort. Take time and re-evaluate what and who is important in your life. Find ways to reach out to them that involve a pen or your voice. I know we can never go back and have things the way they used to be but if we all try we can make a change.