Saturday, November 1, 2014

DIY Halloween Mystery Box Game

With this year being the boys first public school year school parties are a new thing for us. I was asked to help with Bub’s Halloween Party and while I was excited I was a little nervous too! I mean, we’re talking about a bunch of 9/10 year olds who are hitting that stage where you never know what’s still cool and what’s super lame and embarrassing. When the lead mom asked if I’d do a game I agreed and immediately hit my favorite place for inspiration…PINTERST! I saw quite a few cool sensory games so I decided to run with that and add my own spin and created this fun, creepy, and gross Halloween Mystery Box Game!

Ashley Mikula Photography

The idea behind the game is that you have each participant slip their hand into the box and try to guess what they are touching. Common food items are used and disguised as gross body parts like eyes, ears, tongues, fingers, teeth and brains. I mean, who doesn’t love a little bit of gooey, slimy, smooshy body parts on Halloween?

Ashley Mikula Photography

Ashley Mikula Photography

What you will need for this project…

~ Box (Make sure it’s big enough and sturdy enough to cut a small hole in the front for the hands to go through and a large opening in the back so you can switch the containers out.)

~ Plastic table cloth or wrapping paper to cover the box. (I used a table cloth on my box and used duct tape to secure it. I did not worry about covering the back of the box and the bottom is completely open.)

~ Felt to cover the opening in front and make teeth (if you want). (For the black felt I cut an X to make it easy for the kids to slip their hands in and out of the box without being able to peek in to see what they were touching.)

~ Creepy letters or stickers to decorate your box.

~ Small food containers to hold your sensory items.

~ Food items to resemble body parts. You can see what I used but get creative…there are a lot of other fun things you could do!

The kids seemed to really enjoy the game. I loved watching their faces as they touched certain items, especially the slimy bananas. I also expected some of the kids to not want to participate but they all loved it…even the girls! (Side note, my two younger boys were more hesitant to play at home and wouldn’t do it until I showed them first that they weren’t really touching real eyes/finger/brains/teeth/ears/tongues.)