Friday, October 24, 2014

Be Perfectly Imperfect

Life is a crazy journey on which we see so many other people at a glance. We see all the prettiness of the outsides of their lives. We see their perfect house that they own, their shiny cars, their well behaved children, their calm demeanor. We see their status updates, tweets and Instagram pictures and feel that twinge of envy wondering how they do it. It’s so easy in the moment to compare ourselves to others especially if we are going through a rough patch. It’s so easy to think, “Why do they have it all together? How can they do it? Maybe I’m doing this all wrong?”

This way of thinking and comparing can be so destructive. It is a habit that is so easy to get into and one that is also so hard to break. We are all different and just because what we see on the outside looks perfect doesn’t mean that it truly is. With technology today and social media it’s so easy to make things look pretty, perfect and put together. I’ve seen this quote recently and I find myself repeating when I find myself starting on the comparison cycle…


As a women and mothers we need to work on not only being easier on ourselves but also being honest with others. We need to know that it’s ok to fail. If your having a bad day, put it out there. Let other mommas know that you’re normal and that it’s OK to have a bad day. Did you yell at your kids too much today? That’s OK! We all have our moments. We are human after all. Be honest with your momma friends AND your kiddos and use that moment as a teaching moment. Show your kids that you’re not perfect and that  you don’t expect them to be either. That we all make mistakes and when we do we just have to pick ourselves back up and try to better next time. 

Let’s be mentors, not martyrs or fakes. Let’s live our life with our heart on our sleeve. Let’s show other women that perfection isn’t attainable and that imperfection is beautiful and perfect. Let’s live our lives with the goal to lift each other up and help each other through the tough times so we can celebrate the victories together. Let’s be perfectly imperfect.

On November 15 there is a unique conference coming to Pittsburgh called The Mom Con…A conference for moms, by moms, created to inspire, empower and connect moms. Why not join me at the Mom Con? Not only will you have an opportunity to meet some amazing women but I think you will find yourself lifted and encouraged by the speakers that will be presenting that day. Take a day for you. Sometimes us mommas need a little break and that’s OK! We have to be whole and happy ourselves so we can be a complete and content momma for those little ones who depend so much on us. Want to win a pass to The Mom Con? Just enter below for your chance for a free pass to the Saturday session. I hope to see you all there for a wonderful event that I know will leave us all changed for the better. xo

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