Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2014 Walk to Cure Arthritis - Southside Works, Pittsburgh, PA

This years walk was amazing yet again. We were so blessed to have even more family and friends join our Monkey MoSean team this year. I just loved looking around and seeing my family and friends around in blue Monkey MoSean shirts! This year I had a table set up for the blog as well as my photography (Ashley Mikula Photography). This really allowed me to share our story with even more people and meet some of the families that have been following my blog. Thank you to those who stopped by to say hello and introduce yourselves and to those who shared their story with me. I’d really love to do more feature posts on the local kids so if you’d like to share your story please shoot me an email! (mommaonamission AT comcast DOT net)
Now for the picture heavy part of the post…enjoy!! xo
(All three of the kiddos pictured above have JA like Monkey.)

Mariah (JA warrior) with Dr. Poff.                                    Silly Zimm!

Monkey with his rheumatologist Dr. Kietz.      Nonna (my mom) with the boys.

Silly Pirate Parrot!

Most of our team with the Pirate Parrot.
(We had such a hard time getting a photo of the entire team all together! lol)

The Parrot flirting with my mom-in-law, Pat.

Zimm once again!                                       Cousins!

Another team picture but we're missing Mary, Jen and Ethan.

I've been talking with this momma for months and it was so awesome to FINALLY meet in person.