Saturday, May 10, 2014

Momma Moments

Things have been crazy busy around here. Since my word for this year is “FOCUS” I’ve been applying that full force to my photography business AND my job as momma. I know once I get the hang of things that I’ll be able to find a better balance that includes blogging regularly again but right now I just have to go with how the wind is blowing.

In honor of Mother’s Day I wanted to take a few minutes to share some momma moments with you. Moments that bring me back down from the crazy cloud and remind me how amazing my life is and how truly blessed I am. Here are some of my moments from this week…I hope they make you smile….

Because of above referenced craziness I’ve been a little more frazzled than normal and I’ll admit, on edge more than I should be. Monkey has snapped me out of this though on more than one occasion with his latest habit. He will randomly walk up to me and say, “Momma, you look pretty.” He’s already learned that a sweet compliment diffuses a frazzled woman.

Zim is one of the most inquisitive kids I have every met. He seriously has a question for everything. If you use a word he doesn’t know he asks what I means (same with if he hears it on a TV show or on the radio). Sometimes the questioning drives me batty…you know, when he asks why I won’t let him have something or do something then asks when I WILL let him. I remind myself that with each question he’s learning something and that is an amazing thing. Besides, it’s hard to not smile when this face is looking at you…I mean, look at those freckles! love


And then there are the baseball moments…Bub loves his ball and boy am I a hardcore baseball momma. I mean, the coaches had to move a game to Sunday (Mother’s Day) and was worried the moms would all be upset with him. Not this momma…there’s no where I’d rather be than watching my boy play his heart out on the field.

This past week Bub had a late game so all the boys went to bed at the same time. That meant a big ol bedtime pile up in our bed. I laid there on my back with all three of my boys snuggled close in my arms. As I listened to their prayers and giggles I wished that I could make that moment last forever. They took turns telling me who loved me more and covered me with kisses and bear hugs. So, so blessed.

Happy Mother’s Day mommas!