Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday–Earth Day Style #TBTlinkup

My friend, Nicole, over at Champagne to Crayons, has been hosting an awesome weekly link up called Throwback Thursdays and this week I finally got my stuff together to join in the fun! What’s fun about this link up is that each week there is a theme…this week’s theme was Earth Day.
In honor of Earth Day I’m sharing one of Monkey’s first birthday pictures. Why? Well, look at that adorable diaper he has on! (Side note…I cannot believe it’s been almost FOUR years since this picture was taken! *cry*)


Nope, it’s not just a cute diaper cover that I got for his birthday pictures it’s a cloth diaper! When Monkey was born hubs and I decided to give cloth diapers a try since we’d have two in diapers. (Zim was 18 mo old at the time and my boys didn’t train until they were three.) I loved all the color options available in cloth. I must have had every color of the rainbow but this cow diaper was by far my favorite! (I believe it was a Blueberry Diaper. My other favorites were FuzziBunz and bumGenius.) Cloth diapering has come a LONG way and is actually just as easy (if not easier) that disposables and are so much less expensive in the long run. Just look at this comparison:


If you have a little one in diapers or are about to have another baby you should definitely give cloth diapering some serious consideration. Not only will you save money but it’s very Earth friendly. Just think how much landfill you’ll be saving!

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