Friday, April 4, 2014

Dreams Into Plans

I saw this on FB yesterday and it perfectly describes how I am trying to live my life right now…
I know I’ve been kinda quiet here on the blog and not posting much but it’s mostly because I’ve been busy…busy turning my dreams into realities. Making my ‘can’ts into cans’.

Years ago, before I even met my husband, I spend my tax refund on a brand spanking new Canon Rebel 35 mm camera…a REAL camera…you know with the fancy lens and everything. I was in heaven! I took that thing with me everywhere and shot as much as I could. Fast forward a few years when digital was the new thing and my camera was still amazing but way outdated. So, I upgraded and that’s when I had the pleasure of doing my first wedding. Saying I was in love with photography would be a huge understatement. It was all I thought about for a while. A coworker at the time encouraged me to start my own photography business. She even helped me come up with a cute name (Amazing Images by Ashley) and I dreamt big dreams.

I had a few clients. Friends, coworkers, etc. Nothing really big. I dreamt of having my own studio some day. Somewhere I could work and take those gorgeous pictures you see all over the internet of babies and kids. I never really saw it as a reality though. More of a pipe dream. I mean, studios are expensive. You have to find a space to rent, pay rent, pay utilities, etc. Not to mention all the equipment, backdrops and props I’d have to buy. Yeah, not going to happen for a looooong time. So, I put that dream on the back burner…the WAY back burner.

The past few years I’ve taken pictures here and there for friends and such. Senior pictures, family photos, etc. I jump at any opportunity I can get to use my talent and explore my abilities. I’ve not given much thought to it outside of just having fun though. Until I had an amazing opportunity pretty much dropped into my lap.

You see, I’ve been working with a local photographer over the last year. Not doing photography but helping her with her social media and blog. Well, in the time we’ve worked together we’ve become friends. Recently she talked to me about how she really needs her studio to expand. That she needs to bring more kids and infants into the studio but that with her busy schedule of sports and such she just didn’t see herself having the time. Then she said it, “Would you be interested in shooting in the studio?” Did I hear her right? My immediate reply was, “Um…YES!”

So, here I am…my dream that seemed SO far away sitting right in front of me. It’s going to take work but I am SO excited. I’ve been working hard over the past few weeks taking photos of models to build up my studio portfolio. I’ve been working on a business plan and marketing in hopes to build my clientele. I am loving that I have a place to shoot and that I’m having the opportunity to do something that I absolutely love on a regular basis.

I’m changing my attitude and my thinking. I’m telling myself that I CAN do this and I’m working to turn this dream into a reality. I thank God for putting this path before me and I pray that He will continue to guide me and lead people my way to help me make this a wonderful success.
(If you’d like to see some of my recent work you can click on the “photography’ tab above or you can see my photography blog here.