Thursday, January 30, 2014

Doodling Fun

I’ve always loved to color. Yes, even as an adult you’d catch me sneaking my kids brand new crayons and a color book. I even had a coworker that shared my childish love. We’d often spend our lunch breaks coloring on the patio in the sunshine. Since I have boys though the coloring books in my house are full of Power Rangers, Sponge Bob and Star Wars. Not exactly my favorite things. So guess what I’ve been up to…making my own designs to color.

There is a new fad called Zentangle. It’s a form of mind yoga that is supposed to help you relax and focus your thinking. I’ve been using some Zentangle patterns and images as inspiration for my own pieces. (You can see my Zentangle pins on Pinterest here.) Below are a few things that I’ve done so far. I’ll admit it is very therapeutic and helps me calm my mind and relax.