Saturday, January 18, 2014

Buzz is the Word...Win a Buzzy!

As parents we all know that often times the best way for our kids to learn is through the experiences they have. But when you have a child with a chronic illness there are experiences that you wish you could protect them from….like injections and blood draws. While, unfortunately, these procedures are a necessity there are tools and tricks to try to help make them less traumatic for the child.

One tool that can be very helpful is the Buzzy. What is a Buzzy? As they explain on their site,
“Buzzy is an award-winning physiologic pain blocker. Using cold and vibration, Buzzy is proven to naturally block unpleasant sensations on contact.”

When we found out a year ago that Monkey was going to be starting Methotrexate via injection the first thing we did was purchase a Buzzy. Thankfully now he is able to take his medication orally but we’ve held on to Buzzy just incase we might need it again in the future.

Interested in getting a Buzzy of you own? Kim over at Living with Juvenile Arthritis is currently hosting a giveaway to win a Buzzy! Entry is easy but limited to US residents only. Simply click below to fill out your entry for a chance to win a Buzzy of your own.

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