Thursday, January 2, 2014

All is quiet on the blogging front….

I can’t believe it’s been FOURTEEN days since I last posted. Oye. I guess that NaBloPoMo really drained my writing juices more than I realized. I’ve had quite a few posts running through my head but just haven’t gotten them through the fingers and onto the keyboard. I’ve also been soaking up all the laziness that the holidays tend to bring. The time to just sit around all day and watch the boys play with their new stuff. Time to take long afternoon naps just because. Time to sip more cups off coffee than I should probably drink. You know…down time.

I do have a lot I’d like to accomplish this year with my blog as well as goals for myself personally. I’m not very good at sticking to my goals or resolutions though so this year I decided to follow the “one word” trend and pick one word that I’d like to achieve in 2014. I chose this word because I can apply it to all aspects of my life and hopefully if I’m able to do so successfully it will teach the boys as well.
Why focus? Well, I tend to be a little bit scatter brained and it always bubbles over around me. Projects half finished or not even started, goals not reached, blog neglected (lol), etc.
What would your one word be or did you make goals/resolutions for 2014?