Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Spirit of Christmas

Someone shared a video this morning that brought me to tears. It’s beautiful to see a group of people doing something so selfless for complete strangers. Sure some would say this is an amazing marketing scheme but my heart says that this is an true example of Christmas spirit.

An airline in Canada called WestJet set up a clever Christmas surprise. Not only did the passengers of two flights get to have a live video chat with Santa but there was more waiting for them upon their arrival. They found a way to #BeAmazing.

Here’s a little excerpt from the article by Sun News.
“In a touching parody of The Night before Christmas, WestJet may have left a few holiday travellers believing in miracles.
While waiting in the boarding area for two Calgary-bound flights from the Toronto and Hamilton airports, passengers were invited to scan their boarding pass and talk with Santa via a video conference.
During the light-hearted conversations, Santa asked the passengers what they wanted for Christmas. Answers ranged from cell phones, to choo-choo trains, to big screen TVs, to socks and underwear.
Then the magic happened.”

Want to see the magic…watch this video and I dare you not to cry… 

I don’t know about you but in this crazy world we live in full of selfish companies and selfish people it’s so wonderful to see this happen. What’s even better is that it was most likely an inspiration to others to pay it forward. I hope this inspired you to find a way to be the Christmas spirit in someone’s life this year. Grab an angel off a donation tree at the store, find a family to adopt, send some coats and mittens to the local shelter. You’ll never regret the feeling you’ll have knowing that you made those people smile. #BeAmazing this Christmas.