Sunday, December 15, 2013

Simple Sunday–The Polar Express

The boys were blessed with a wonderful Christmas gift this year from Ed’s cousin…tickets to The Polar Express event at the Carnegie Science Center! This event included a hot breakfast, the movie in the IMAX and admission to the Science Center. Needless to say they were pretty pumped!

When we arrived they gave us tickets that looked similar to the tickets in the movie and each of the boys got a bag from Lionel Trains with some great goodies What kiddo doesn’t love a swag bag?! They had some beautiful train displays set up in the main lobby to view. My favorite was the one around the huge tree…

1(Please excuse the blurry pic…I forgot I had my camera set to “no flash”…fail!)

By 9 we were seated and ready for breakfast. It was so cute to see the boys so excited and enjoying their breakfast. Of course there was a good amount of silly faces being made too.

After breakfast and a few Christmas songs we headed into the IMAX theater for the show. Neither the boys or I have been to see a movie in the IMAX so it was a new experience all around. Zim was a little leery because of how high our seats were and how dark the theater was. The other two though didn’t seem to be phased by it at all.

 Before the movie started we got a special treat. Mr. McFeely (from Mr. Roger’s) came out to read the book The Polar Express! Before he read the book he introduced a couple of his friends from the old show….Daniel Striped Tiger and Donkey Hodie! I know that my boys didn’t really get the significance of all of that but I’ll tell you right now I sure loved it! I loved watching Mr. Rogers growing up so seeing Mr. McFeely and the actual Daniel Striped Tiger puppet was way cool!

Seeing this Christmas classic in IMAX was amazing. All the boys loved it. They sat so still through the whole thing! It’s definitely one of my favorite Christmas movies so seeing it this way with the boys was a wonderful treat.

After the movie we walked over to the model train display and got to meet Mr. McFeely in person. He’s such a sweet man.

I’m so thankful for Sam and Sandy who gave this gift to the boys. A gift that created memories that will last so much longer than any toy or game. xo