Monday, December 2, 2013

Congratulations Teri Hatcher…Winner of Chopped Holiday Bash!

Last night was a BIG night in the world of Juvenile Arthritis. Celebrity Teri Hatcher competed on The Food Network’s special, Chopped’s Holiday Bash to win $10,000 for her charity of choice. What charity did she choose out of the millions out there? The Juvenile Arthritis Association!

As I watched I was moved to tears when she talked about why she chose the JAA for her charity. To hear her say that she was competing for the kids with Juvenile Arthritis because no child should have to live in so much pain went straight to this momma’s heart. Millions of people heard her speak those words. Millions of people who have possibly never heard of JA. Millions of people who never knew the severity of the disease. Now they are all a little more informed. Who knows, maybe some of them even went to their computers and searched to find out more about JA and the Juvenile Arthritis Association. What a huge boost for awareness!

Even more exciting is that SHE WON! Not only do millions of people now know about JA but Teri won $10,000 for the Juvenile Arthritis Association!


Congratulations, Teri! It was so awesome to watch you work so hard and pull out the win! Thank you for choosing the JAA as your charity and for helping raise awareness for our kiddos!

Kim, author of Living with Juvenile Arthritis, also posted about Teri’s win today and included some great info about Teri and all her hard work! Be sure to check it out!