Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What happened to Thanksgiving?

If you were to tell time by department store displays alone you’d swear that Thanksgiving didn’t exist. Before Halloween is even over they are already sneaking in the Christmas décor. The big inflatable lawn displays are up in the garden department at WallyWorld, Halloween costumes are on clearance, and they are filtering the twinkling sound of Christmas music through the loud speakers. What the heck?! What about Thanksgiving?!


You know, that awesome holiday where you have the perfect excuse to stuff your belly as full as you want with all kinds of yummy food. And there’s more to the holiday than food of course. It’s supposed to be a day where we give thanks for all the blessings in our life. A day to spend with the people we love where we slow down and enjoy the little things in life.

Instead it seems to just be a day to rush about and plan your Black Friday plan. I mean, I’m all for a good deal on something but why does the shopping have to start ON Thanksgiving. Not only is that just plain crazy, but, hello…what about all the people who are having to work the stores on Thanksgiving…or even at 1 am the day after? They don’t get to enjoy a lazy day at home with their loved ones. They have to rush through their turkey dinner then go to work at some unholy hour while still in a turkey stupor so some one can get a great deal on a new TV. (Ok, sorry…got up on a soap box there…stepping down now. For a funny rant on this check out this past weekends SNL skit with Mr. Sr.)

Why can’t we just enjoy Thanksgiving. Why can’t the Christmas décor come out the following Monday? Do you know that the stores aren’t even putting out Thanksgiving themed crafts and such? Yes, you might find an end cap of paper plates and napkins but that’s about it. No cute little pilgrim and turkey crafts for the kids to make. No informative books on Thanksgiving (although that’s a blog for another day…the true Thanksgiving story).


Don’t get me wrong…I love Christmas. Truly I do…just wait till you see my Elf on the Shelf posts. (Bwahahahaha!) But I’m just not one to have my decorations up early. Too often with the kids I want to just slow time down a little. Enjoy every moment. Stop rushing things. Time goes fast enough on it’s own. Why hurry past one of the best holidays that we are fortunate enough to celebrate here in the US?

I know my post won’t change the way of the world. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if things get worse and they start putting out the Christmas stuff WITH the Halloween items. But I do know that I’m not alone in thinking this so I just wanted to share my thoughts. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter what I think but the beauty of blogging is that I can share my opinions with you. :)
So on that note, I will wish you a Happy Thanksgiving for the next week and a half and I promise that not a single Christmas themed post will cross my blog until after the 29th. Cross my heart. xx Now, make sure you get your turkey on this year and enjoy every little blessed Thanksgiving moment with your family!