Monday, November 4, 2013

To the Victims of Daylight Savings Time

I used to LOVE Daylight Savings Time in the fall. Getting an extra hour for this sleep loving soul was top on my list of AWESOME. Now, unfortunately, it is top on my list of things I despise.

Daylight Savings Time

There is no more extra hour sleep…there is only bright sunshine blaring through your child’s window an hour earlier making them INSIST that it is wake up time. (I even have darkening shades on the windows…doesn’t matter.) That cursed sun still sneaks it’s way through to their eyes convincing them that it is most definitely time to wake up and make lots of noise.

I came across a great post this morning from The Actual Pastor. I found myself shaking my head and agreeing through the entire post. This guy really hit so many nails right on the head…

“Parents with small children, however, will be tweeting messages of hatred and violence for a week because their children’s sleep schedule has suddenly become a swirling eddy of chaos that won’t right itself until just after Christmas. They will be out of their minds on Facebook, crabby and mean spirited. “Super excited for the extra hour of sleep, SAID NO PARENT OF TODDLERS EVER!” Angry hash tags will abound: #DaylightSavingTimeMurderer #DieDST”


I think that today will be a day survived on coffee…until it feels like a reasonable hour to open a bottle of wine. To all parents out there living with the aftermath of DST…Coffee cup and wine (or shot) glass cheers to us! Here’s hoping we (and our children) make it through the week alive.