Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our Beautiful Mess

Today was our very first Mon Valley MOPS meeting! We (the steering team and I) have been preparing for this for months and it was so great to see it all come together! I know we all had certain expectations and hopes but it was clear to see that God was in everything that happened today.

Our group is small and intimate right now…I think we had maybe 16 moms today. It was so wonderful though. Well, in my opinion it was! I hope it was just as wonderful for all the other moms as well. I loved seeing so many different ladies come together with a common bond. I loved watching them all interact and see the joy on their faces knowing that they aren’t alone on this mothering journey. We all come from different walks of life with our own unique personalities and talents. It’s amazing to see how we can all blend together.

I am beyond excited for what lies ahead for our group. We might grow or we might not and that’s OK! I have no doubt in my heart that God will lead the women to our group who need it. I know that He will knit us together as a beautiful unit that will shine and bless others. We all have our imperfections and our messes but we are beautiful and lovely to Him. I hope that each one of the moms that came today left filled with hope and encouragement. I hope that they take the love that we gave them and know that they are so very important to us. I already feel such a love and connection with my group and I’m so thankful that God chose me to be a part of the beautiful mess.

If you are local and are interested in joining us for our meeting next month please check out our Facebook page for updated information. If you’re not local and would like to find a MOPS group near you click here to see what groups are in your area. Trust me, being part of a MOPS group will not only help you as a momma but it also bless you as an individual. <3