Monday, November 18, 2013

Easy DIY Turkey Wall/Mantel Decor

The holiday season is quickly approaching and while some already have their Christmas trees up I am determined to celebrate each holiday with appropriate d├ęcor. I’ve had some fall themed things up on the mantle for a couple of weeks but nothing really screamed Thanksgiving. I needed to remedy that! Off to Pinterest I went where I found inspiration to create this little guy….


Cute, isn’t he?! He’s also really easy to make. Here’s what you’ll need:


~Embroidery hoop any size. (Check the thrift stores for these…you can often find them for as cheap as $0.10!)

~Fabric that is larger than your hoop. A fat quarter is perfect for this if you don’t want to deal with fabric on a bolt.

~ Glue gun (best investment EVER for any crafter).

~Fall colored felt. You can buy these in sheets at most craft stores.

First thing you want to do is put your fabric in your hoop then tighten it. Once it’s tight and the fabric is pulled taught you can trim the fabric leaving a little bit of excess around the outside of the hoop. (It’s a good idea to use pinking shears for this so the fabric doesn’t fray.)


Next you’ll need to cut out his head, eyes, beak and gobbler (that’s what I call it lol) out of felt. Once you have all the pieces cut use your hot glue to glue it all together.


After his face is secure take your different colors of felt and cut out some feathers. You can make as many or as few as you like. You can also cut out little details in the top to make them look more feathery. While you’re cutting be sure to cut out some little feet too.


Glue the feathers along the back however you like. I wanted mine a little off to the side rather than straight on so my little guys face and feet are off to the left and his feathers off to the right. Sort of like he’s walking off to the left. If you want your turkey head on then just center the face and feathers with the top of the hoop and the feet with the bottom. I also glued popsicle sticks onto the back of my feathers so they stand up straight. After you are finished gluing you’re little guy is ready to hang wherever you like!