Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chopped–Celebrity Holiday Bash is Great for Juvenile Arthritis!

I was SO excited to see this really amazing announcement on Thursday by The Juvenile Arthritis Association:

“Juvenile arthritis will receive the biggest nationally televised awareness push it has ever seen when actress Teri Hatcher competes on Food Network’s award-winning cooking competition show Chopped to benefit the Juvenile Arthritis Association.”


How cool is this?! SOOOO cool is how cool! I’m sure some of you are wondering why on earth I am crazy excited about this. Let me tell you. Not to many people know about Juvenile Arthritis. Families have struggled to raise awareness and even though over 300,000 kids in the US alone are living with JA there are still so many who have never even heard of the disease. I know you’re probably thinking, “Why does it matter if people know?”  (You can be honest, it’s ok.) It matters because the more people that know the more people there may be who want to help these kiddos. The more people that know the more hearts there will be that are moved which will possibly lead to more donations toward research, better treatment options AND possibly a cure! The more people that know the more support these families will get. Do you know how comforting it would have been when we got Monkey’s diagnosis for someone to say, “Hey! I’ve heard of that! My aunt’s cousin has a friend who is married to this guy who’s daughter has it. Let me get you their info so you can talk to them about it.” See, support. Being led to talk to some one about what your going through or just even knowing that someone else has been there. Often you aren’t looking for answers, just the shoulder of someone who’s been in your shoes and has gone through the roller coaster of emotions you are experiencing. You see, even if Teri doesn’t win (which of course I really hope she does!) our kiddos are still going to gain so much from this. This show will be viewed by potentially millions of people nationwide! In just a matter of an hour all of those people will learn about Juvenile Arthritis. That alone is a win in my opinion!

So I hope that even if you aren’t quite as excited as I am about this that you’ll consider watching the Celebrity Holiday Bash edition of Food Network’s Chopped at 10 pm/9c on Sunday, December 1st. If your really don’t watch those kind of shows why not DVR it so you can at least fast forward through and see what Teri is doing for our kids…kids just like our sweet Monkey..who are braving the challenges of Juvenile Arthritis every day.

I don’t know if Teri Hatcher would ever read my blog but I’m putting this out there anyway….Teri, I want to personally thank you for all the work you have done to raise awareness for all the JA kids. Thank you for your hard work and for fighting to make a difference. It truly means so very much. xo