Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Little Family Adventure with a Big Duck

Last week Ed and I decided to take the boys on a little adventure to downtown Pittsburgh. The boys LOVE when we go to the city…I mean, what little kid wouldn’t be in awe of the big, beautiful buildings, all the bridges, the sports stadiums and the people?! This time though we were on a mission…a mission to see the BIG DUCK! Yup, that’s right, I said big duck! I’m not sure what the deal is with the duck other than it’s pretty cool and it’s drawing a ton of attention to the city of Pittsburgh (which I’m sure they are loving!). The boys were pretty pumped about it too. They honestly couldn’t believe that the duck would be almost as big as our house.

We took a drive down to the city and they got so excited as we caught glimpses of the duck from afar. We decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and walk the river walk from the Science Center over the bridge to Point State Park. It was fun to see how small the duck looked from across the river.


Once we got to the other side the we had some fun taking pictures with the duck…


And of course we had to check out the fountain!

910(Do you see the rainbow on this one?! Cool, right?!)

The boys found their own fun as we walked along the outskirts of the park…everything’s a playground to them!


After running around and having so much fun we were all ready for some lunch so we headed over to Market Square. We were pleasantly surprised to find a farmers market set up in the Square for the day! (Well, Ed and I were…the boys not as much.)


We eventually made it to Noodles & Company for some lunch. I have one word for you….YUMMO! Definitely my new fav for food! Too bad there isn’t one closer…then again, maybe it’s better for our budget and my waist this way.

Once our bellies were full we took the Trolley back over to the Science Center and let the boys run around in the Sports Works complex for a bit before heading home. It was such a perfect time to be there! I think there were two other families there besides us so there weren’t any lines to wait in and they could play to their hearts’ content. Even Ed got in on the fun jumping on the trampoline and climbing with the boys!


All in all we had such a wonderful family day together. Every day I feel blessed but on days like this the love in my heart just bubbles over. I love the memories we are making together.