Monday, September 16, 2013


Monday is our catch up day…a day to recover from a busy weekend and prepare for a busy week but often Mondays can be just as crazy or challenging. This is what our Monday looks like through the Instagram lens.

I got up and put on my uniform for the day.


Thought about when I could tackle this and the other two loads in the basement waiting to be washed/dried.


Getting into third grade with Bub and finding it quite different and more difficult/time consuming than last year.


Working on writing with Zim. Yes, he had to write three full sentences when he’s only learned maybe four or five letters. This was a challenge to put it mildly.


Going up and down these about 50 times to help Bub with his school then back to help Zim with his. Can some one clone me?


Leaving the younger two to their own devices so I can edit photos, blog, do laundry, etc. Yup, it’s a mess, but that’s ok…it will clean up!


Today is definitely a challenging Monday. I post these photos not to complain but to let other mommas out there know that you are not alone! I like to think that some day I will be super mom and have it all together. A clean house, dinner cooking, laundry all done (and put away), the boys peacefully doing their schoolwork while I sit with them with all the patience in the world. But you know what, my life’s a little chaotic right now and that’s ok! This is where God has me right now and I’m going to trust that He will continue to give me all that I need to do exactly what He wants me to do. These photos are reminders of the blessings in my life. More than enough clothes for us all, the privilege of getting to not only stay home with my boys but school them here at home, a home that has more than enough room, and boys that have beautiful imaginations to play and create a whole world of fun around them. I am very thankful for our Mondays…chaos and all!