Thursday, July 25, 2013

DVE Rocks for Children’s

Today, Monkey and I were given a great opportunity to help raise awareness for JA. We were invited to do an interview with Brian Price from WDVE. Every year WDVE (a local radio station) does a radiothon for the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh called “DVE Rocks for Children’s". During our interview we were able to talk to Brian about Monkey’s diagnosis, his treatment and how Children’s has been such a blessing for us. As I’ve mentioned before there are over 300,000 children in the States alone that are living with JA but not every state has pediatric rheumatologists. We are very fortunate to have a full staff of wonderful doctors here in Pittsburgh…something I am grateful for every day. We really enjoyed speaking with Brian about our experiences today. He even shared with us that he too has a form of auto-immune arthritis that he is being treated for. It was nice that he had an understanding of what Monkey is going through with his treatments and medications and how although he looks like he is doing great from the outside we never truly know what he may be feeling whether from his JA or medication side effects. I want to thank Brian, from WDVE, and Andrea, from Children’s, for giving us the opportunity to not only sing the praises of our awesome hospital and staff but to also share our story and raise awareness for JA. Being able to reach one more JA family or help one more person learn about JA is such a blessing! Thank you!! xo


Monkey wasn’t too thrilled about talking but he certainly loved the giant chocolate chip cookie they gave him! :)

(This year’s radiothon will take place in September. I will be sure to post more info as I get it so you can possibly hear our interview and help the cause by making a donation.)