Friday, June 28, 2013

The Greatest Show on Earth

When you become a parent you are given the most prized tickets…tickets to truly the greatest show on Earth. A chance to sit in the front row and watch your child’s life play out scene by scene, clip by clip, moment by precious moment. You’ll find yourself experiencing more emotions than you ever knew were possible…joy, elation, heartache, pain that you can’t take away, success, achievement, frustration, pride, and contentment just to name a few. I feel so very blessed and honored to not only get to watch one show but three. I’m sitting right there as these little lives unfold and I’m so amazed and excited. Let me share with you my favorite clips from what I’ve been privileged to see this week.

Zimm…what a dramatic story with so many highs and lows but always so much heart and love.

A stubborn little boys runs through the yard watching his brothers. He’s determined but a little anxious. Then it happens, he reaches out and faces a fear…he cups his hands and success! His first lighting bug! Now, to many this may seem like no big deal but to him this is a victory! He has a fear of creepy crawlies that usually deters him from such activities. You can see the joy and pride in his face as he proclaims, “I did it! I caught a lighting bug!”

Monkey…a short story so far but full of boundless energy and smiles.

The skies were turning grey and it was clear a storm was rolling in. Monkey and his brothers rushed out of the pool and hurried inside. As they were drying off and getting changed thunder broke the silence. Monkey, who normally is terrified of storms, started to shudder then stopped. He looked with a smile at his momma and said, “Oh yeah, I not scared. I brave!” Not only was he also conquering a fear but he was so proud of himself for knowing that he could be brave through the storm!

Bubba…a glorious story of bright and beautiful things.

It was finally here…what Bubba had been working for all Spring…the first All Star Tournament. He had been diligently working and practicing his skills hoping to show his coaches that not only did he belong on the team but that he was trustworthy in pressure positions. He had high hopes of playing in the infield but knew that he would most likely play outfield. Then it happened….it was the fifth inning and his coach placed him at first! His parents watched full of excitement and nerves…he was really playing first! Then the true test came…a ball hit mid in-field that was thrown what seemed like just short of his reach. But, his perfect practice paid off…he stretched as far as he could and trusted in his skills and made the catch getting the runner out! The crowd erupted in cheers and his parents beamed with pride! What a moment…what a memory!

Every day there are so many moments like these. Some may not seem so big but when you lay in bed at night and replay them in your head you realize how huge they really are. I thank God that He has blessed me with these amazing seats to three unforgettable shows and I am beyond excited to continue watching them unfold from the best seat in the house!