Thursday, June 13, 2013

Meal Planning…It’s not for sissies!

I’ve done some meal planning in my few years as a SAHM. I even tried to do it while I was working. What I learned was this: 1) Meal planning definitely saves money on grocery bills! 2) While the benefits are great, menu planning is not for sissies!

Now, you’re probably wondering why I say that. Sure it SOUNDS easy but let me tell you, it’s not quite as easy as it seems. Sitting down and writing out meals that not only are cost effective but that you also know your entire family will eat takes time. Then you take that list and make another list of all the ingredients you need for said meals. Then you have to check local supermarket adds for deals and shop for said ingredients. Then you have to stick to said menu! After trying multiple times and getting lazy about it I decided to go a different route. Why not use the resources out there and let someone else help me with my meal planning?! That’s when I found The Dinner Daily!


I mean, look at their logo…it says it right there…meal planning SIMPLIFIED! I knew this was an awesome place to start! Not only that but I am teaming up with The Dinner Daily to bring you recipes and meal planning tips! How cool is that?!

I’m going to work toward menu planning posts to go live on Mondays. That way you have the week to make your lists and get your items together for the rest of the week. This week, however, The Dinner Daily has sent over not just a recipe but a great summer cookout meal plan just in time for Father’s Day! Check it out!

Summer Cookout plan

Summer Cookout SL June 2013

The Dinner Daily is the easy to use and budget friendly dinner planning service designed by moms for moms!  Each week, subscribers are provided an easy to use one page menu chart, an organized shopping list, and links to on line coupons for items on the shopping list. Meals are kid friendly, kid tested and reviewed by a Registered Dietitian.  Subscribers can choose a menu plan based on store specials are select grocery stores or choose the Any Store option which works anywhere in the country! The Dinner Daily
is your answer to the "What's for Dinner?" Dilemma!"