Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Not your average 5K #5kFoamFest

I’m not really a runner by nature but after participating in my first 5k last year I was determined to run at least one this year as well. I was so excited when my friend Amanda asked me if I’d like to run a 5k again with her this year…but this 5k is a little different.  I’ve seen mud runs, color runs, and zombie runs…this one though was something I hadn’t seen yet and it really peaked my interest.


This is not your typical mud/obstacle run! Nope, not only to get get to get dirty but they are nice enough to run you through many human ‘car washes’! Seriously, I don’t know how someone could look at the photos and not want to go run through all the foam and slide on all the inflatable slides that are part of this run! It’s like getting to be a kid all over again!

Like most obstacle runs the runners often dress up in fun ‘costumes’ so the girls I’m running with and I have something fun planned. We are also running in honor of our amazing friend, Kate, who is currently rocking her fight with cancer. Love you, Kate!!

So if one of your Spring/Summer goals is to run a 5k why not see if there is a 5k Foam Fest near you! Simply check out their locations page and register…it’s that easy! If your local and want to register for the one near Pittsburgh you can register here. Maybe we’ll see you there!