Thursday, May 2, 2013

A little Monkey update…

I realized that it’s been awhile since I’ve posted about Monkey and his JA. To me this is a VERY good thing…it means that things are going well. So, here is a little update on the little man.

Monkey is now off his daily steroid dose…woot woot! After discontinuing the steroid we had to wait a bit to see if his body was in fact responding to his new med, Methotrexate. As much as we all hate the weekly injections it seems that they are working and working well.

The weather’s been really nice here lately which has meant a LOT of running around outside. Usually after 30-40 minutes of activity Monkey would show signs of being sore. His foot would start to turn out and he’d start limping. We’re so happy to say that he’s shown NO signs of this so far this Spring! He’s been running and jumping like crazy for hours on end with no ill effects! I cannot tell you how much this means to us. Last year at this time he could hardly walk with out pain let alone run after his brothers and now he’s the most daring one of the three jumping off high places and racing to his hearts content!

Here’s a little clip of Monkey doing what he loves most…moving! As you can see he hardly ever stops!

Later this month we have a follow up with his doctors to see what the next step will be. Right now he’s still taking Mobic and Prevacid every day but I’m hoping that we can eliminate that soon. I’m also curious to find out how long he’ll need to stay on the Methotrexate.

We also have our Spring Arthritis Walk coming up soon! We’re looking forward to networking with other families and helping raise awareness for this awful disease! If you want to donate to our team or even join us at the walk please visit our walk page here.

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