Friday, May 24, 2013

A little help from a friend named Sally…

Yesterday Monkey and I got to experience something really cool…we got to do an interview with Sally Wiggin from our local Channel 4 news. Now, to those who aren’t local to the Pittsburgh area that may not sound like such a big deal but for a Pittsburgher it definitely is! Sally has been a prominent newswoman in Pittsburgh for I believe 30 years! I grew up watching her report the news so it was pretty cool to sit and talk to her and know that she wanted to do a story on Monkey. Here we are with Sally and one of our amazing doctors, Dr. Poff.


If you are here visiting my blog as a result of seeing the piece on the news thank you SO much for stopping by! Raising awareness for JA is such a passion for me and I’m so thankful that more people were able to see how vast this disease has become in the United States. It’s a truly awful disease with no cure. Yes, Monkey may go in to remission with the aid of medication but he will always, always have this awful disease. If you’d like to read more about our story you can check out my tab up top labeled Juvenile Arthritis and you can also see my first story post here. If you’d like to help support us as we walk on June 1 you can donate here or simply click on the button on the right column of my blog with the cute little monkey picture. :)

Thank you to every one who helped make this interview happen! We are so thankful and grateful to have been able to be part of it!
If you’d like to see the interview you can see it on the WTAE page here. And as you can see it was a fun and exhausting day for Monkey.


PS…Sally if you’re reading this Monkey is in love with the photo you sent him. We have it set as our desktop image on the home computer and he keeps talking about how the baby tiger got a shot just like him. Thank you. xoxo