Friday, April 19, 2013

Why we have kids…

When you have kids you have to have a sense of humor about it. This is why I’ve compiled this list. It started out just me and hubs talking about funny reasons why we have kids then I decided to ask some other mommas and the funnies just kept rolling in! Enjoy!

Why we have kids…

~ Tax deduction….who doesn’t love to go on a tax refund shopping spree?

~ To do housework/yard work. What? You think that’s mean? Isn’t that why farmers had so many children?

~ To provide a playmate for our other child/children.

~ Excuse to watch Blues Clues, Phineas & Ferb and Good Luck Charlie. “Oh they were just here watching…I’m not sure where they went?”

~ So we can go trick or treating. Don’t lie…you know you go through and pick out your favs while you’re checking for bad candy.

~ Great excuse to go get ice cream. “But the kids were begging me and they were so good today…I figured they deserved a treat.”

~ Reliving your favorite childhood experiences like the zoo, amusement parks and water parks.

~ Great excuse to play video games well into adulthood.

~ Great excuse to bow out of an invitation to an event you don’t want to attend.

~ Gives us a reason to have a glass of wine or a beer at 4 in the afternoon.

~ Retirement plan…some one to take care of us when we’re old.

~ Perfect reason for a messy home. “I swear I just cleaned but these kids are dang tornados!”

~ I needed an excuse for the extra weight I gained.

~ I hate sleep…the kids help keep me from getting too much of it.

~ I always wanted to be a jungle gym.

~ I needed a good reason for never going to the gym.

~ I needed a reason to keep my wardrobe of baggy sweatpants and stained t-shirts.

~ Because pooping in peace is for sissies.

~ Stepping on Legos helps me train for my next obstacle run.