Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Quality time with my hubs…

I like to pride myself in the fact that I can be a girly girl but I also love to get my hands dirty. I love power tools and curling irons alike! My mom was a do-it-yourself gal and I’m thankful she passed that on to me!

What’s best about this is that hubs and I can work on projects together. We love to research things and find something we think we can build then figure out how we can make it work. We decided that we’d love to have some seats for our porch so we could enjoy our morning coffee out there together. As I’m sure most of you know, patio furniture is pricey…even second hand. So I headed to my favorite obsession website, Pinterest, and started researching.

I found a lot of options that I loved but this one seemed the best to start out. Here is how ours turned out! We’re pretty happy with it! We only made two minor changes. We added some extra support on the legs to make it feel a little more sturdy and we also added two slats on the back for support. Other than that we followed the plans as they were. It was a very easy project and not at all expensive. Hubs bought the least expensive wood and for around $55 bought enough to make three chairs. (We’ve only completed one so far.) Not only did we spend some great time together while building this but once we get the other chairs made we’ll be able to sit outside together and enjoy time together relaxing as well. :)

Wood cut and ready to go!
All done waiting to be painted!
Ta da! Painted and looking awesome!
We bought this cushion last fall for our swing. The swing finally died on us after 5 years of abuse love so now we can use the cushions for these chairs.

I fell in LOVE with Ana White’s blog and of course found more and more projects that I want to attempt…now if only I had a personal lumber yard for supplies!