Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fundraising Frustrations

As most of you know our Monkey has been selected as an honoree this year for the Arthritis Foundation’s Spring Arthritis Walk. This is a tremendous honor and we are so pleased to be part of such an awesome event. I’ve taken it upon myself to work extra hard at fundraising for the walk and I’ll be completely honest with you that it’s not going as great as I had hoped. It’s hard, you guys, really hard. Asking people for money for a disease that most people don’t understand let alone even know about is hard. Trying to explain to them the silent disease that Monkey is fighting while they watch him run around with ease like nothing is wrong is hard. Passing out letters and emails and collection tins and getting no feedback is hard. It’s all just hard.

I will admit that it’s been wearing on me. I know it’s our first year doing the walk but I think part of me feels like it’s our responsibility as an honoree family to really rock the socks of this event. I’m SO passionate about raising awareness for this awful disease but I’ve gotten so frustrated at the walls I’m hitting with fundraising. Things started off pretty good, yes. I had a really great Pampered Chef fundraiser and an awesome friend of mine sold some cake pops to benefit the team but I’m still only at about 15% of my goal. Yes, my goal is really high, but I purposely set it so high in order to make me work harder. That plan has sort of back fired though, haha!

After spending some time chatting with another JA mom today I feel a little refreshed and ready to give it another go. I’m going to pick myself up off the ground, dust off and get my focus back. Nothing great is every easy, right? This is a great cause and raising money for this foundation can help our Monkey down the line as well as other kiddos just like him. Thanks for the pick-me-up, Melanie. <3

All that said I’m asking for your help! If you can’t help please pass along this info so others have an opportunity as well. If you own a business and would like to be a part of something really great please consider sponsoring our team, Monkey MoSean. If you know someone who owns a business please pass along this link and share this amazing cause. If you’re an individual who has been feeling like they want to be a part of something great, please consider being part of our team, sending in a donation or holding a fundraiser for our team in Monkey’s honor.

If you’ve never heard of Juvenile Arthritis please take a moment to read some of the posts on my blog about our journey. As you can see from this image it’s more common than most people think!

donation flyerBLOG

Thank you so much to those of you who have already been helping and thank you to those in advance who are deciding today to help! You are truly appreciated! xo