Friday, April 26, 2013

10 years goes by so fast…

Ten years ago I was standing arm in arm with my Grandfather anxiously waiting to walk down the aisle to my love. Even though ten years have passed I can close my eyes and remember it as if it was yesterday. I remember an overwhelming feeling of excitement. Not one ounce of me was nervous or worried. I knew down to my core that this man was the one God created just for me. I knew that we were destined for each other and all I wanted to do was run down that aisle and finally make it official!

We’ve been through so many ups and downs the past ten years and made so many memories. I am so thankful for the man God blessed me with and that I can proudly say that we are stronger and closer than we’ve ever been. God has given me such a strong, loving husband who is also my best friend and an amazing father to our boys. He’s a wonderful example to our sons and I pray that we can continue to be a real example to them of a marriage that works.

To my love…thank you for the past ten years….I know there were shaky moments but we’ve been grounded firm in our love for each other and we are standing now stronger than ever. I love you more than words can describe and I am so blessed to live my life by your side. You make me smile, you make me laugh and you make me feel so loved. Thank you for finding me and making me your bride. I love you, always and forever. xoxo











Friday, April 19, 2013

Why we have kids…

When you have kids you have to have a sense of humor about it. This is why I’ve compiled this list. It started out just me and hubs talking about funny reasons why we have kids then I decided to ask some other mommas and the funnies just kept rolling in! Enjoy!

Why we have kids…

~ Tax deduction….who doesn’t love to go on a tax refund shopping spree?

~ To do housework/yard work. What? You think that’s mean? Isn’t that why farmers had so many children?

~ To provide a playmate for our other child/children.

~ Excuse to watch Blues Clues, Phineas & Ferb and Good Luck Charlie. “Oh they were just here watching…I’m not sure where they went?”

~ So we can go trick or treating. Don’t lie…you know you go through and pick out your favs while you’re checking for bad candy.

~ Great excuse to go get ice cream. “But the kids were begging me and they were so good today…I figured they deserved a treat.”

~ Reliving your favorite childhood experiences like the zoo, amusement parks and water parks.

~ Great excuse to play video games well into adulthood.

~ Great excuse to bow out of an invitation to an event you don’t want to attend.

~ Gives us a reason to have a glass of wine or a beer at 4 in the afternoon.

~ Retirement plan…some one to take care of us when we’re old.

~ Perfect reason for a messy home. “I swear I just cleaned but these kids are dang tornados!”

~ I needed an excuse for the extra weight I gained.

~ I hate sleep…the kids help keep me from getting too much of it.

~ I always wanted to be a jungle gym.

~ I needed a good reason for never going to the gym.

~ I needed a reason to keep my wardrobe of baggy sweatpants and stained t-shirts.

~ Because pooping in peace is for sissies.

~ Stepping on Legos helps me train for my next obstacle run.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Quality time with my hubs…

I like to pride myself in the fact that I can be a girly girl but I also love to get my hands dirty. I love power tools and curling irons alike! My mom was a do-it-yourself gal and I’m thankful she passed that on to me!

What’s best about this is that hubs and I can work on projects together. We love to research things and find something we think we can build then figure out how we can make it work. We decided that we’d love to have some seats for our porch so we could enjoy our morning coffee out there together. As I’m sure most of you know, patio furniture is pricey…even second hand. So I headed to my favorite obsession website, Pinterest, and started researching.

I found a lot of options that I loved but this one seemed the best to start out. Here is how ours turned out! We’re pretty happy with it! We only made two minor changes. We added some extra support on the legs to make it feel a little more sturdy and we also added two slats on the back for support. Other than that we followed the plans as they were. It was a very easy project and not at all expensive. Hubs bought the least expensive wood and for around $55 bought enough to make three chairs. (We’ve only completed one so far.) Not only did we spend some great time together while building this but once we get the other chairs made we’ll be able to sit outside together and enjoy time together relaxing as well. :)

Wood cut and ready to go!
All done waiting to be painted!
Ta da! Painted and looking awesome!
We bought this cushion last fall for our swing. The swing finally died on us after 5 years of abuse love so now we can use the cushions for these chairs.

I fell in LOVE with Ana White’s blog and of course found more and more projects that I want to attempt…now if only I had a personal lumber yard for supplies!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Our busy weekend…

With Spring finally here (sort of) sports are in full swing as are many other fun events! This weekend was a busy one for us and that will probably be the norm from now through October. We love it though!

Saturday, Zim played his second soccer game. I’m SO proud of him and the fact that he overcame his apprehension about soccer and is having a great time. Unfortunately Saturday was very cold and windy in spite of the fact that it was 80* earlier in the week. (Um, what the heck Mother Nature?) Within five minutes of play Zim had been elbowed or shouldered right on his mouth leaving a pattern mark on his upper lip. Poor kid. He was a good sport though and went back out to play some more. Well, it just wasn’t his day because not five minutes into his second shift in the game he got knocked in the face and onto the ground. I’m not sure if he and another player butted heads or what I just know he was clearly shaken up. He came to the sidelines and cried quiet tears while I told him that he was doing good and that he’d be ok. When it was time for him to go in again though he was not interested. He skipped that shift and when it came time again for him to go out the coaches and I encouraged him (pushed) to go back out and give it another try. He did pretty good running up and down the field and throwing in the ball when needed but if the cluster of kids came anywhere near him with the ball he’d shy away. He was clearly a little afraid he’d get knocked down yet again. After the game he seemed fine and happy with his special treat from the concession stand and some battle wounds. I’m really hoping he’ll forget a little bit about what happened and be back to being aggressive next week. Knowing him though he’ll remember this until the day he dies. He was blessed with a mind like a steel trap.


Sunday we headed out as a family to the kick off party for this years Spring Arthritis Walk. It was nice to meet some of the other team captains as well as some other JA parents. It seems that this year’s event is off to a great start!

8Me and my boys. <3

7Monkey and I with fellow JA hero, Mariah.
You can read more about her on her FB page here.

After the party we took advantage of the beautiful weather and took a nice walk along the river walk.

Here are the boys sitting in Mr. Roger’s lap. Such a cool statue!
Me and my love with a view of downtown Pittsburgh behind us.

And these next photos are my favorite from the day! Hubs suggested that we get a picture of me with the boys. I’m usually the one with the camera so I’m hardly ever in any photos. And here my friends is what happens when you try to get a picture with a 3 year old, a 5 year old and an 8 year old. I think the pictures speak volumes as to what our life is like right now and I love every moment!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fundraising Frustrations

As most of you know our Monkey has been selected as an honoree this year for the Arthritis Foundation’s Spring Arthritis Walk. This is a tremendous honor and we are so pleased to be part of such an awesome event. I’ve taken it upon myself to work extra hard at fundraising for the walk and I’ll be completely honest with you that it’s not going as great as I had hoped. It’s hard, you guys, really hard. Asking people for money for a disease that most people don’t understand let alone even know about is hard. Trying to explain to them the silent disease that Monkey is fighting while they watch him run around with ease like nothing is wrong is hard. Passing out letters and emails and collection tins and getting no feedback is hard. It’s all just hard.

I will admit that it’s been wearing on me. I know it’s our first year doing the walk but I think part of me feels like it’s our responsibility as an honoree family to really rock the socks of this event. I’m SO passionate about raising awareness for this awful disease but I’ve gotten so frustrated at the walls I’m hitting with fundraising. Things started off pretty good, yes. I had a really great Pampered Chef fundraiser and an awesome friend of mine sold some cake pops to benefit the team but I’m still only at about 15% of my goal. Yes, my goal is really high, but I purposely set it so high in order to make me work harder. That plan has sort of back fired though, haha!

After spending some time chatting with another JA mom today I feel a little refreshed and ready to give it another go. I’m going to pick myself up off the ground, dust off and get my focus back. Nothing great is every easy, right? This is a great cause and raising money for this foundation can help our Monkey down the line as well as other kiddos just like him. Thanks for the pick-me-up, Melanie. <3

All that said I’m asking for your help! If you can’t help please pass along this info so others have an opportunity as well. If you own a business and would like to be a part of something really great please consider sponsoring our team, Monkey MoSean. If you know someone who owns a business please pass along this link and share this amazing cause. If you’re an individual who has been feeling like they want to be a part of something great, please consider being part of our team, sending in a donation or holding a fundraiser for our team in Monkey’s honor.

If you’ve never heard of Juvenile Arthritis please take a moment to read some of the posts on my blog about our journey. As you can see from this image it’s more common than most people think!

donation flyerBLOG

Thank you so much to those of you who have already been helping and thank you to those in advance who are deciding today to help! You are truly appreciated! xo

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pallet Wood Art

I LOVE Pinterest! I try to limit my time there because I overload myself with things I want to make and then never end up making anything. I spent a bit of time last week on the site and of course found a few new projects. I’m excited to say that I’ve officially completed one! Check it out!



I have it hung in my stairwell and it looks AWESOME! I can’t wait to make more!