Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Craftiness

We’re on day two of Spring here in Southwest PA and it’s still freezing cold…someone did not get the memo to send warmer weather! I thought maybe getting up some new Spring d├ęcor might help usher it in…can’t hurt, right? First up, a cute wreath for the door!

I headed to the fabric store and found four bright fabrics in the remnant bin. SCORE!


Next, I ripped them into 1” wide strips. (You could cut them with pinking shears if you don’t want the ragged edge. I just didn’t feel like cutting that much. lol)

Then I took these long strips out of the claws of the cats and trimmed them to about 6” in length. Once I had the smaller strips ready I started tying them onto an embroidery hoop. (Found at a local thrift store for a whopping $0.25!)


As your tying them on just keep pushing them close together and try to make sure all the knots are toward the front of the hoop. As you go you can ‘fluff’ the fabric.

And voila! A super cute and bright wreath for spring!


Now, hopefully Spring will actually come because I am SOOO tired of the cold!!!