Monday, March 4, 2013

Searching for Sunnies!

I hate shopping for sunglasses. Seriously! I rarely find a pair that I feel work for me. I’ve tried shopping the expensive ones and they are usually too ‘in style’ for me. I got lucky though years ago when I found the perfect pair. What was better was they were cheap! Double win! I managed to hold onto those sunglasses for the past 10 years…even I was shocked at how long they’d survived! Unfortunately, last fall I made the mistake of wearing them to Kennywood and they vanished. I don’t know if they fell out of my purse or flew off my head on a coaster. All I know was the next day when I was looking for them they were gone and I was super bummed!

I have spent the past six months looking for the perfect new pair. The big “bug eye” glasses (as hubs and I call them) are not at all my style so I was having a really hard time finding replacements. So annoying too because driving with the sun in your face is so not fun.

Then I found I was so impressed at their huge selection of prescription glasses and sunglasses. I loved that they had so many styles of eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. Truly a style for everyone!

I was thrilled when I found some sunglasses for myself! I thought they looked cute and a touch feminine without going overboard. What do you think?


They also have a great feature on their site called a virtual mirror so you can virtually try on the glasses before you purchase! Pretty cool, right?!

One of the best parts of dealing with has been their customer service. I have received an email every step of the way keeping me in the loop as to what stage my glasses were in. The glasses came precisely as ordered and in a nice hard case with a cleaning cloth. Now, let’s just really hope that I can hold onto these for 10 more years! If not though I know exactly where I’m going to get a replacement pair!!

If you’re looking to buy glasses right now has a great coupon available! 30% off AND free shipping! Just use code MARCH30FS!

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