Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pink for a Purpose

I love to wear comfy pants at home…some mommas love their yoga pants but me, I love my fuzzy fleece!


This week I sported my pinkalicious Santa pants with a purpose. Now I wear them for my rockin’ friend, Kate. Why? Because this week she was hooked up to an IV pole getting her second round of chemo.

Kate is a wife, momma and child of God. She’s also a warrior fighting for her life because at only 28 she was told she has the dreaded C word. Cancer. Metastatic breast cancer to be specific. As I’m sure you can imagine this has turned her world topsy turvy. Lots of doctor appointments, scary conversations, late nights unable to sleep, chemo, countless meds, side effects, despair, fear, hope, love. That’s right…hope and love. In the face of all of this Kate is determined to kick cancer’s ass. She is determined to fight with every fiber of her being. She knows that God is in control and that with Him on her side she can do all things. She’s also blessed with a huge amount of love in her heart and surrounded by an amazing group of family and friends. You wouldn’t believe the number of fun events that are already planned to benefit Kate and her family! I love to see a community come together when there is a family who needs lifted. Shows you that there truly is still good in the world.

Kate has decided to blog her journey and has asked me to do a design for her. I was so honored to work on this with her because it is such a special blog. Kate asked for a Chronicles of Narnia feel as that’s the first book she read to her kiddos. She already had a great title and vision for the blog so it was easy to work with her and come up with something perfect.

Kate shares her heart so openly and is honest. She’s real and that’s amazing. Kate is full of grace and inspiration. I feel so blessed to be her friend and to be one of the many that walk beside her on this journey. You’ll want to check out her most recent post…so full of inspiration and an amazing perspective. More importantly though please take a moment and say a prayer for Kate and her family. Maybe even add her to your prayer list. We can all continue to life her up with our prayers and support her in the best way possible…with our love and our hope. Love you, Kate! You’re my hero! xo