Saturday, March 9, 2013


I’ve been asked by some how I came up with the names the boys have for the blog. Here is their story….

Bubba is simple. There really isn’t a story behind it. For some reason the name just stuck when he was a baby. He’s been called Bub, Bubby, Bubba. He’s had other names as well. When he was really little hubs called him Lumpberger which was shortened to Lumper. No real reason, just because. Although he earned the name the summer before he turned two when he fell on vacation and got a huge lump on his forehead. Poor kid. Soon though he told his daddy he didn’t want a nickname but he did say that I was still allowed to call him Bubba.

Zim. Ah Zim. Really he could have many nicknames but we picked this one for the blog because of a particular habit he had. It’s not so bad now but he used to not be able to stand still at all. He’d constantly be touching his face, pulling on his shirt, pushing his hair back…he looked like a third base coach giving signs. Hubs started calling him Zim because because of a third base coach named Don Zimmer. Here’s a video of when Zim started ‘Ziming.” He’s not so bad anymore but when he’s super excited he starts again. It’s quite funny to watch! Silly boy!

And last but not least Monkey. He has earned this name because the crazy boy is constantly climbing and jumping. You name it he’s on it and seeing how far he can jump off of it. Drives me batty too because I’m always so worried that he’s going to injure his joints worse or be really sore the next day. But, the doctor just tells me that it’s great that he’s so active…maybe I should let them spend a day with him. haha  He’s also earned the name Ginyu because of his crazy ‘dance’ moves. He’s always spinning, jumping, tumbling then ending is some weird pose with only one hand and one foot on the ground. Hubs said it reminded him of the Ginyu force from one of his favorite series, Dragonball Z.

ginyu force

So there you have it…how the boys got their bloggy names. Silly, I know, but they have definitely earned them. Thanks for reading! xo