Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Sunday!

Like most Pittsburghers our family is definitely bummed about the match up in the Super Bowl this year. Not only are the Steelers not in it but their biggest rival, the Ravens, are playing and the 49ers have a chance to tie the Black & Gold’s Super Bowl wins. Makes it hard to pick who you want to win…wait, never mind, who am I kidding…I could never actually cheer for the Ravens to win! ;)

grumpy cat

We love Super Bowl Sunday around here though because we have a special tradition of our own. Every year on Super Bowl Sunday you can eat whatever you want. I ‘take orders’ during the week so I can do my shopping and then we have a full on pig out all day on Super Bowl Sunday no matter who is playing! This year the boys asked for sushi (not homemade), mini bagel pizzas, and chips. I’m also made a yummy roasted onion/garlic/bacon dip. Also on the menu…Dorito’s nachos, southwest eggrolls, Cheetos and various yummy Edward’s pies. YUMMO!

So what are you doing today? Will you watch the game or will you watch the commercials? I’m looking forward to watching both and hoping for a good game that results in Ray Lewis NOT ascending into heaven. (See clip below if you didn’t catch the skit on SNL last week!)