Monday, February 25, 2013

On the whole Dr. Oz thing…

As you all may know there was an article posted in the NY Times recently written by a mother of a JA child. It caused a lot of stir in the JA community and even more after it was a featured topic on the Dr. Oz show. The article was about how this mother was able to help her son’s JA symptoms feel better by drastically changing his diet. I found the article very interesting and it definitely made me wonder if we’d be able to achieve something similar if we did this with Monkey. I have had the pleasure of ‘meeting’ many JA mom’s through the internet who have done something similar with their young children and have had great success. We’ve discussed going gluten free and even tried it for Monkey but he’s SO stubborn and flat our refused the alternatives I offered.

There are some parents who are absolutely outraged by the way JA was presented on the show. They are saying that it’s showing JA as a simple disease that can easily be ‘cured’ just by just a diet change. I understand their feelings. JA is a disease that very few know about despite the fact that it effects so many. JA advocates have been working hard to raise awareness and this probably wasn’t exactly what they had in mind. I know many people are writing to Dr. Oz about this. It would be nice if he would do a follow up piece specifically on JA and the many ways it attacks our children. It’s so important that people get a true view of this disease and see that while yes, some can find comfort and remission in natural methods others cannot. Sometimes medication is necessary and that’s ok too.

Maybe I’m just naive but I wish people would start realizing that everyone is doing what they feel is best for their child. I wish people would stop judging others because they chose a natural/alternative route or a traditional medicine route. What’s best for your child isn’t always what’s best for someone else’s child…actually it rarely is. We are all unique and therefore require individual and unique treatment. What brings us together though should be a common goal…to help our children on their journey with this disease and do whatever we can to ease their pain.