Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From the Mouth of Zim

“Momma, how come God let’s you be mad at us?”

Um, what? “What do you mean?”

“Why does God let you be mad at us? I don’t think God would be happy when you yell at us.”

Oye…first of all remember my post about how I feel like I yell at them all the time? Yeah, this isn’t what I needed to hear. Deep breath….

“Well, buddy, I’m sure it probably doesn’t make Him happy. Even God is angry sometimes but He always forgives us. Do you think it makes God happy when you don’t listen to me or do things you’re not supposed to do? You know that’s usually why I yell.”

I think that stopped him in his tracks. Seriously though! I mean this kid is crazy smart and part of me feels like he was trying to find a way to tell me that I should stop yelling at him. As I said before…OYE!

Zim and I definitely butt heads. He is very different than Bubba. In fact he is a lot like my younger brother…which scares me a little. I mentioned this to my brother once…

Me: “I already have my “some day you’re going to have a child just like you” kid…Bubba is me to the core. WHY did I get one just like YOU?! Haven’t I been through enough already?” 

He says, “Well, I guess it’s because you have great experience and know what to expect. You’ll be fine.” He says laughing. Even now he’s still my bratty little brother. haha

I know that his stubborn nature and strong will are going to be great assets for him down the line but right now they often frustrate the heck out of me! It’s so hard to tell when he’s not doing something just to be stubborn or if he’s truly bothered about something. I pray and pray that I have the tools to be a good momma to him. I don’t want to squash his amazing personality but at the same time I want him to learn that there are limits and proper ways to behave. Such a fine line sometimes.

Through all the crazy that he is though he is one of the most amazing little people. He has this incredible sense of humor…he’s always making us laugh! And deep in his heart he is so caring and grateful. He truly appreciates things and will make sure you know.

Raising kids is so much more difficult than I thought it would be. I mean, we are responsible for these little people! Not just to make sure that they survive until adulthood but to make sure they are trained and taught so they can be a properly functioning part of the human race. Then you add on top of that the spiritual aspect of making sure they know about God and His truths. Well, it’s quite daunting! I have to remind myself though that God gave these little men to us for a reason and He equipped my hubs and I with exactly what we need to raise them even though I often feel like I have no clue what I’m doing. I guess we are all just learning as we go.