Saturday, January 12, 2013

Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE!

Yesterday Ed and I took Zim and Monkey to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live! The boys were SO excited and had been counting down the sleeps until the day had come.


We were directed to our seats and the boys just sat there in awe. There eyes were so big taking in all the lights and bright colors! You could feel the excitement in the theater!



When DJ Lance came up on the screen and then onto the stage the boys didn’t move a muscle. They were so mesmerized by the life size versions of the characters they are used to seeing on TV!

Introducing the Gabba friends!

Look at that face! Can’t you just feel his excitement and joy?!

We had SO much fun dancing, singing, jumping, spinning…you name it, we did it! Monkey was so into it too…he’d sing and jump and do motions along with the characters. It was so great to see him having such a wonderful time! Monkey’s favorite part was the Wiggle Wiggle Stop song and Zim’s favorite was the confetti cannons! My favorite…when hip hop legend Biz Markie came out for Biz’s beat of the day. Let me tell you, when he started playing his music the theater got so loud! Made me wonder how many parents came out JUST to see him! He was fantastic!


Soon the show was coming to an end and we sang the goodbye song with the Gabba friends. You could tell how much all the kids in the audience had loved the show because many of them were crying…poor kiddos! They were having so much fun that they didn’t want it to end!

If you have little ones and want something fun for both yourself AND your kiddo you have to check and see if Yo Gabba Gabba Live is coming to your town! It’s such a wonderful, interactive show for a variety of ages that you won’t want to miss! Check here for shows near you!

After the show we drove over to the Southside to treat the boys to dinner. We decided to give Double Wide Grill a try…we’d driven and walked past their joint a few times and always wanted to stop in. The boys loved their Kids Menu. They even placed their order to the waitress themselves and excitedly told her they wanted ice cream for their dessert! Yup, all kids meals came with ice cream or a cookie! What kid wouldn’t love that?! Ed and I ended up ordering the same thing…the Pig Aught! The food was SO good and I have to add that their root beer is amazing as well! We will definitely go back!

We had such a great afternoon and evening with our boys! You could tell too that they thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it as well. I love seeing them so happy and knowing that we made some wonderful memories with them.