Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Things I Learned…

When you have kids you learn things that your teachers never taught in school. Things you never dreamed you’d learn or need to know. Today I post my first installment of Thing I Learned...a post all about things the boys taught me the day or week prior. I’d love if you’d share some of the things YOU have learned in the wonderful adventure we call parenting!

~ Getting all the boys ready to leave the house and into the car should be considered an Olympic event. Between making sure everyone has gone potty, has socks on, shoes on (“I don’t want THOSE shoes, I want my rain boots!…But we can’t find the match for your rain boots….Pouting ensues.), coats on and zipped, hats, staying out of the mud/puddles on the way to the car, getting buckled, etc. Mind you that Bubba is capable of doing this all himself. Zim is pretty good about some of it but still needs help with shoes/coat. Then there’s Monkey…he’s at that “I can do everything myself” stage. Yup, takes us an extra hour to get out of the house. My goodness!

~ It’s a very tense moment while waiting for the tube to come back from the drive-through bank teller…did she remember to send lollypops…are they going to be green?

~ Longer car rides are great for bonding time and naps. (No not for me!)

~ Boys find the oddest things absolutely hysterical. “Look at those babies on that sign!” Followed by the loudest laughter you’ve ever heard.

~ Kids have no concept to time or distance.
“Are we there yet?”
“No, we JUST left the house.”
“Well, are we ALMOST there?”
“Are we HALFWAY there?”

~ Even if they’ve just eaten or had something to drink the instant you get in the car they are DYING of thirst and hunger.

~ When you have a store that YOU want to take your time in make sure to have leverage. I wanted to stroll through JoAnn’s so I told the boys that if they were good we’d go to Target after (they LOVE Target…but then again, who doesn’t right?!). So if they started to get crazy in JoAnn’s all I had to say was, “Do you want to go to Target or not?” Now, mind you I must have said that about 25 times.

~ Kids just don’t listen sometimes.
“Zim, please pick up your feet when you walk.”
Clomp, clomp, clomp. (He insisted on wearing snow boots.)
“Common, Bud, please…pick up your feet.”
Completely ignoring me, “Momma, what’s the name of the store we’re going to next?” Clomp, clomp, clomp….
I stop and get him to look at me, “It’s call ‘Pick up your feet when you walk.’
He looks at me funny and ponders for a minute, “Hey Bubba! Momma said the store is called “Pick up your feet when you walk!” Clomp, clomp, clomp.

~ Going out to eat and actually eating IN the restaurant is a BIG deal! I love that it’s such a special thing for them!

~ Kids surprise you sometimes and actually behave in a restaurant. I had a gift card for Panera so I decided it would be a fun treat. They sat nice and had good manners while eating their bagels.

~ Getting to pick a new bath toy at the Target dollar spot is the best thing EVER! Well, to them at least. They played with those things all the way through the store and only almost walked into about five different people.

~ My kids still have their innocence.  While walking through the sports wear department Bubba notice a huge photo of a woman in lingerie (the departments are pretty much together) and he says, “Momma, that is SO silly…it just looks weird. I mean, it doesn’t even cover her belly.”

~ I’ve got awesome kids. (Well, I already knew this but I was reminded yesterday.) We can walk through every single toy isle in Target and they don’t ask me to buy them anything. They are perfectly content just looking at and ‘trying’ all the cool things. Of course I had to reward that with some sweedish fish. ;)

~ I am not alone and as much as I think I sound like a lunatic in the stores “HEY! Stop touching! Didn’t I ask you NOT to touch?! Get back here! Where are you going?! Stop touching your brother!” Other moms understand. I was looking at scarves when a woman said to me, “Three boys huh? I have three girls.” Ah, she gets it! I’m not crazy…well, ok, maybe a little bit but I have good excuses!

~ Every mini van should be equipped with the little window that limos and taxis have. Boys are loud and when you have them in an enclosed space like a van it’s even louder…soundproofing would be awesome!

~ Ghirardelli chocolate is a godsend…seriously…


~ Vacuum sealing a HUGE comforter provides the BEST entertainment to young boys. You would have thought I was doing a one woman circus the way they were cheering and laughing!

~ Along the same line…why did I not buy those vacuum bags before?! Amazing.

~ Goodnight hugs and kisses are the absolute best…even if they keep asking for more just to stall bedtime.