Friday, January 4, 2013

The cold from he double hockey sticks…

Yup, you read that right folks! It has invaded our house like a colony of ants would swarm a picnic. The dreaded cold from hell.

It all started Sunday, the day before New Year’s Eve…just a little sniffly, maybe a couple sneezes but not too bad. Then BAM just like that the next morning there was no hope. I was officially down for the count. Sinus pressure, stuffed nose, body aches, chills, fever, you name it. I wanted so much to stay up till midnight with my love and ring in the new year with a kiss but my body begged for sleep so I reluctantly turned in at 11pm. 

My hubs was so sweet to let me have his sleep in day on New Years so I could hopefully recoup. Well, guess what…BAM he got it too. We spent our first day of the new year in different rooms of the house watching TV while huddled under mounds of blankets and tissues while the boys had their way with the Xbox and TV. Thank goodness for Angry Birds, Toy Story and Lego Star Wars!

I finally pulled myself out of my fog to check on the boys only to find a pink faced Monkey who didn’t look so good. “You OK, honey?” “No Momma, my head hurt.” I check his temp, yup, little man had a low grade fever. Next thing I know he’s laying on the floor sound asleep…mind you it’s 6pm. I gently moved him to the couch and called the after hours nurse. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Why the heck is she calling the nurse about a low grade fever?” I know, it’s crazy, but let me explain. Monkey is on a medication called Mobic and while on Mobic he is not allowed to take Motrin. I wanted to make sure he could take Tylenol before I gave him a dose. Also, we were scheduled to get Monkey’s first Methotrexate injection the very next day. This medication is also an immune suppressant so I wanted to know what I could/should do about this fever. She told us to leave him as long as he was comfortable but that if he became uncomfortable then we could treat him with Tylenol. Around 7:30 I finally was able to transfer him up to his own bed. Unfortunately about an hour later he woke up and proceeded to throw up…poor, poor Monkey. Back downstairs we went. After a couple of rounds of this he was finally back to sleep in his bed. I made another call to the nurse who recommended that I take him in to the pediatrician the next day and call our Rheumatologist regarding the new meds.

Wednesday…now our second day into a fresh new year…Monkey and I headed to the peds office while my awesome mom-in-law stayed home with the other two. They looked him over and informed me of what we already knew…he had a virus…yay…and that we needed to hold off on the new meds. We drove back home, and finally got some Tylenol in him. I dropped him off at the house and then took myself to MedExpress. This Momma NEEDED to get better. Plus we figured if I went then we would know if hubs needed meds too. I left with a script for prednisone (YUCK) and the standard “rest and plenty of fluids…call us if you don’t get better.” The good news to this day…I came home to find Monkey very happy and himself…the Tylenol was working and he was bouncing back!

Thursday…you’d think we’d all be feeling better by now right? Not so much. Another day spent under blankets and letting electronics keep the boys entertained. How long would this last?! I called MedExpress and begged asked them to please call in an antibiotic for me. Thankfully they were happy to do so…whew! We also continued loading up on vitamins, zinc and meds. Yay.

Now to Friday…day six. I am happy to say that hubs and I are both starting to feel a bit better. Unfortunately our bodies are still worn and lagging from the fight. We have another casualty as well…the Zim man. Yup, he woke up this morning with a fever and feeling crappy. Now he and Monkey have matching coughs. Another one bites the dust. Bubba is the last man standing…hoping it stays that way.

So, the long and short of this post….this is where I’ve been the past few days. In all of this here is what I’m thankful for…

~An amazing husband who takes care of me and the boys even when he’s feeling crappy himself.

~Electronics…from the TV to the iPods to the Xbox…thank you for keeping the boys entertained!

~My awesome mom-in-law and step-son who came to stay with the older two so I could take Monkey and myself to the doctors.

~Medication, vitamins and hot, hot TEA!

~Comfy fleece pants, oversized fleece shirts, electric blankets and warm socks.