Monday, January 7, 2013

Resolutions…Do you make them?

I know I’m totally late to the resolution post party but as you read in my last post we’ve been holed away under quarantine the past week. It seems we are finally on the mend and I feel comfortable in declaring today our official start to a brand new year!

new book
(I know this says ‘tomorrow’ but let’s pretend it says ‘today’, k?)

I’m not a big fan of resolutions myself. Not because I don’t appreciate them but more because I never, EVER live up to them. The past few years I try to just make mental goals for myself. Some of them small and easily attainable so I feel like I’m accomplishing something and others a bit bigger and harder to strive for. So, here are some of my goals for this year…

~Spend less time wasting time. It’s so easy to sit down to ‘just take a break’ on the computer and then find yourself 90 minutes later wondering why the kids are begging for dinner. No, I don’t neglect my boys but yes I do get sucked into the webs easily.

~Continue learning. Whether it’s continuing to take classes from the local community college or teaching myself something (or begging a friend to teach me).

~Drink water. Notice I didn’t say MORE water because I’ll be honest I do not drink water. I know! Shame on me! It’s awful, I admit it, but I just despise water!  I’m going to do better though…I need to.

~Spend more time with Zim and Monkey teaching them things. Bubba has his cyber school schedule but as much as I’ve wanted to I don’t have stuff set up for the other two. I should though because I have some wonderful resources here…now to use them!

~Grow my blog and by doing that raise awareness for Juvenile Arthritis. Along these lines I’d also like to help create a local JA parent network.

~Write a book…well, at least work on writing a book. This is a very intimidating goal for me but something I’d really like to do. I’m sure you’re asking, “A book about what?” Well, I’d love to write a book about our journey with JA and how we as a family live with it and overcome the obstacles placed in front of us. The highs and lows and everything in between.

So what are your goals this year? I’d love to hear! Maybe we can all help keep each other on track and more importantly cheer each other on and help each other succeed!