Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fighting the Winter Blahs

There’s no nice way to say it…winter sucks…well, that’s what I think anyway. Now that the holidays are over the ‘fun’ part of winter is gone. All that’s left is cold, snow, bare trees, dirty cars, more cold, you get the picture. I know it’s not like this for everyone. I happen to know that my dear friend Rebecca at Let Them Eat Cake is basking in warm almost 80* temps and beautiful sunshine…lucky girl.

With the dreariness of winter I usually find myself feeling lazy and just plain blah. I loose motivation to do much and feel a little down and unfortunately for the boys sometimes even short tempered. It doesn’t help that the boys get SO stir crazy. I don’t blame them though…as of today we haven’t left the house in TEN days. (Well, minus the trip Monkey and I took to the pediatricians last Wednesday.) I know I could just bundle them up but with Monkey’s JA we need to be careful that the cold doesn’t aggravate him and that they don’t get sick…again.

A good friend of mine told me last year that what really helps her beat the winter blahs is exercise. Dang it! That requires moving and being motivated. I will say though that the first part of the winter last year I DID work out and it did help. Guess I should really just kick myself in the butt and get moving right?

Do you get the winter blahs? What do you do to fight them?