Monday, January 14, 2013

Date Night with Zim! - Mommy and Me Monday

I recently saw a Mommy and Me post by a fellow blogging momma and I just love it! Being that I’m usually the one taking the photos it’s rare that I have pictures of me with my boys. This series is a wonderful way to make sure to take the time to capture some of my time with my little men. So today is my very first installment!
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It’s so important to listen to the hearts of our little ones and try to be in tune with what’s going on in their little minds. Zim is the middle child and with having an older brother who is involved in a lot of extra activities and a younger brother with health issues we worry that Zim will get ‘lost’ and feel like he’s not important. He tends to act out to get attention so we are trying to focus more on making time for him and letting him know that he’s just as important and just as special as the other two. So when he asked me this week at bedtime “Momma, when can just you and me go do something?” Ed and I agreed that I needed to take him out. So yesterday Zim and I had a date night!

He choose to go bowling and was SO excited! He’d been in a bowling ally before when we’ve dropped Bubba off at a birthday party but he’s never been bowling himself. He had SO much fun! He took turns rolling the ball himself and using the ramp that they made available and just loved seeing his score on the little screen. We were next to a large family that was bowling together that was loud…not obnoxiously loud, just having fun and cheering for each other. Zim asked me, “Momma, on my next roll will you clap and cheer for me like they are?!” Ah, I just love him! I had been clapping for him and exclaiming when he’d hit pins but I guess I just wasn’t loud enough. LOL

After we finished our games Zim choose to go to DQ for ice cream. It’s amazing how excited a little person can get about vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles! While we were there he asked if we could take home ice cream sandwiches for his brothers. How could I say no? I thought it was so sweet that he thought of them.

It was so nice to have some one on one time with Zim. He’s growing up so fast and is such an amazing little boy!