Friday, December 14, 2012

This Week’s Visit to Children’s Hospital–A Photo Journey

As I have mentioned before we are SO fortunate to live close (well, close-ish) to one of the best children’s hospitals in the nation, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. This place is amazing…really beyond amazing.

Even the building itself if beautiful! So colorful and not scary for the kids.

This week we had an appointment with Monkey’s rheumatologists to iron out our new treatment plan. While I got Monkey registered Ed took Zim and Bubs down to the Lemiuex Sibling Center…they were so excited to go back! After get the older two settled Ed was able to come back upstairs with us. For some reason Monkey was feeling a little shy and difficult that day and wasn’t too keen on being examined.

Sitting on his daddy’s lap helped though!

Dr. Poff carefully checked his joints.

Soon Dr. Kietz came in…as I’ve mentioned before he is an amazing doctor. He truly gets Monkey and knows exactly what to do to put him at ease…like giving him a football!



After playing catch for quite a while and after almost breaking Dr. Kietz’s glasses (Monkey loves to throw hard!) he let Dr. Kietz take a look too.


After all the examining was done we talked meds and treatment options. We will be starting Monkey on Methotrexate on January 3. We will go into the hospital for his first dose so the nurse can show me how to properly do the injection at home. Right now Monkey will be taking an oral steroid to work on taking down the inflammation and hopefully start easing his pain. He will continue to stay on the Mobic and Prevacid as well. We’ll also be adding a folic acid tablet (we’ll have to crush it and put it in food), Omega 3 gummies (fish oil), and an Aloe drink to help with his tummy. (It still really bothers him even with the Prevacid.)

There was much more to this day than just our visit but I’ll save that for another special post all it’s own. Until then, thanks for sharing in our journey and for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. xo