Monday, December 3, 2012

Super Sweet Secret Santa!

This year I participated in a holiday exchange hosted by Holly over at Our Holly Days. I’ve done things like this in the past with people I knew but this was different. This time I didn’t know who I was gifting to and I didn’t know who was gifting me. 

On Friday the boys and I found a box on our porch! How fun! Yes, I still LOVE to get mail…when I see a box I especially get a little too excited. We couldn’t wait to open it!

I carefully opened the box to find two cards on top. One was a lovely Christmas card to our family and the other was for me. I opened my card expecting to see a short note but instead found every inch of the paper covered in writing. What could some one I don’t know have to say to me? As I read tears began to fill my eyes…this sweet woman had been reading my blog and felt a strong connection with our Monkey and myself. She explained that she too had grown up with some awful health issues and went on to share some of her story. She wrote such kind and encouraging words to me. Words that made the tears that had pooled in my eyes stream down my face. I felt so touched. It was clear that her words were genuine and heartfelt. 

After I wiped the tears away I let the boys help me unwrap the goodies. See, she didn’t just send ME a package…she send my family a package. She had an adorable little Santa bag for each of the boys with their name on it. Not only that but each one had a personalized (and adorable) tag on it with a note on the back. The boys were so excited to find new card and dice games and immediately sat down to play. They also LOVED the Christmas mugs filled with candy and hot chocolate mix. Every little package in the box was individually wrapped and tagged. The tags were SO freaking cute! Seriously, the print and details she put on them were just too adorable! There was also a beautiful platter (can’t wait to put some goodies on this!), a mug with chocolates for me (yum!), some tea, a lovely book and some super cozy socks and awesome holiday nail polish! She also included some of her favorite recipes for us…some of which were even gluten free! And the poems she included with them…too cute! I can’t even tell you how adorable the whole package was. She clearly put so much time and thought into it all and I feel so very blessed.

Thank you, my sweet Secret Santa! You and I know who you are and I am so very thankful for your kind and giving heart. I am really looking forward to having a new friend in you. xoxo L

Secret Santa