Monday, December 10, 2012

Something Unexpected

Last night my phone rang at 8:40 pm…my phone hardly ever rings let alone after 6. I looked at the caller id and saw a number I’ve become very familiar with…the return number for Children’s Hospital where Monkey’s rheumatologists are located. I answered and was surprised to hear Dr. Kietz’s voice.

After the initial hellos our Dr. Kietz said that he was so sorry that our paths didn’t’ cross at the Jingle Bell Run on Saturday. I told him that Ed and I had gotten a stomach bug the day before and Monkey had been in a lot of pain so we were unable to make it. Dr. Kietz then went on to say, “I just wanted to call and ask that you please tell Monkey (of course he used his name) that I was thinking about him the whole time I ran and that I ran that day for him.” I nearly broke down in tears right then. This doctor had taken time out of his busy schedule to call us just to let us know that he was thinking of our Monkey. To me this was such a refreshing thing. I thanked him so much and told him that I would be sure to tell Monkey. He said that he looks forward to seeing us at our follow up on Thursday and that he can’t wait to run the halls with Monkey like they always do.

I can’t even put into words how thankful we are for Dr. Kietz. He has been so kind, so patient and so helpful through every step. We have also been so blessed with Dr. Poff as well. She has been so available to me to answer my many questions and just to listen to me as I try to grasp what is ahead of us. Some states are still without a pediatric rheumatologist…we are so fortunate to be in a place that we have TWO amazing pediatric rheumatologists caring for Monkey!

Thursday is an important day for us. We will sit and talk about our treatment plan and how we can get Monkey feeling better. I feel much better about the appointment now. I feel so reassured that our Monkey is in such wonderful hands. I always knew that Dr. Kietz was a great doctor, but today I was reminded of what a kind friend he is to us. Thank you so much, Dr. Kietz, it means the world to us knowing that you truly care for our Monkey.