Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You’ve been given the right!

Today is the day….time to take part in one of the things that makes this nation great…time to VOTE! I’m not a political person at all but I do take my adult responsibilities very seriously. We’ve all been given the amazing right to have a say in what happens…for this I am so thankful!


Now for something a little lighter…time for Tune in Tuesday!

As we were driving to the library yesterday this song came on the radio and I immediately giggled. Why you ask, well, the original is good of course but it’s the other versions that I love even more. Like Kurt singing it on Glee and even more hysterical is this version that I’m choosing to share with you today…

Now, if that doesn’t make you smile or laugh then I don’t know what will!
Oh and here is the original if you’ve never seen it.

Nic + Bean