Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yay for Daylight Savings Time!

Growing up I loved when it was time to fall back and change the clocks back an hour. It usually meant you could stay up a little later and of course that blessed extra hour of sleep. I love sleep…probably too much. Of course my love affair with sleep promptly ended when I decided to invite children into my world.

Now I dread the thing I loved. Falling back now means that instead of getting up at 7 with the boys I’m getting up at 6. I know I’m not alone either…Facebook was littered this morning with other sleep-deprived mommas begging their children to please, please go back to bed!

daylight savings

Thankfully this morning the boys cooperated a tiny bit. They did wake up at 5:45 am but after some duct tape convincing they went back to bed quietly. I don’t know if they went back to sleep but they at least let me snuggle back in my own bed under the warm electric blanket for another hour. Unfortunately they were back up right as I finally fell back to sleep but hey, at least I got an extra hour of quiet right?

So, to all the sleep-deprived parents out there…don’t think of falling back as losing an hour of sleep, thing of it as being given permission to have that glass of wine an hour earlier tonight!  CHEERS!