Monday, November 5, 2012

Super Sunday!

I help out with Sunday School at our church every few weeks and this week I was in charge of craft. The just of the lesson was that Joshua had to be strong and courageous and take over for Moses. In line with that the kiddos were to imagine that they were a strong and courageous superhero! It was fun to help the kiddos decide what their super name was, what there powers were and where their headquarters were. Some of the ideas were great…others from the 4th and 5th grade boys were a little odd…Toilet Man who’s super power is to flush away the enemy and who’s headquarters was, where else, the toilet. Anyway, I guess boys will be boys right?
Since Monkey and Zim were in the playroom they didn’t participate in class. On the way home though we talked about what kind of superhero we’d all be and decided that promptly after lunch we would choose our superhero identities and make masks! I found these great printable masks online…just print, color/design, and cut out!
Then they begged to go outside and fight bad guys…how could I say no? We got them all bundled up since it was only in the 40s and they set out to defeat evil and bring justice to the world!

During this month of thankfulness today I am so thankful for these three crazy boys. They are my whole heart and they help me see all the joy in the world.

Don’t forget to keep bloggin’ away my friends! Five days down in November, 25 to go!